Missional Leadership

Deep Waters

At its core, the Deep Waters Program guides a small community of believers who surrender themselves to be part of God’s restoration project for the world; a Kingdom Outpost that reflects God’s character and love in our neighborhoods. The Deep Waters Curriculum equips a missional heart to live in an intentional community and model solidarity with the poor.

For one year, you will journey inward to explore how God is moving in you, your community and your neighborhood. You will also move outward with your community to share God’s love with the poor and marginalized.

> Contemplation
> Human Condition
> Enneagram
> Non Violent Communication
> Simplicity
> Supernatural
> Hospitality
> Perspective Taking
> Community Exegesis
> Cultural Systems Analysis

Two Programs to choose From:
Church-based Program
As part of this 52-week intentional community, participants will gather weekly and receive formation around topics such as the gifts of community, non-violent communication, and contemplative prayer practices.

Mission House Program
This one-year residential internship is located in under-resourced neighborhoods in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Sacramento, and St. Paul. Here you will experience a new way of discipleship through a whole-life approach to learning while sitting with the poor.

10 Books

COST $2000

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  • Intern Covenant Example
  • Weekly Meeting Agenda
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed