Missional Leadership

The 5 Missional Shifts

Written for church leadership, the 5 Missional Shifts is missional spiritual formation for your church. Each shift is an invitation to encounter the INWARD work necessary to move your church OUTWARD into mission TOGETHER in community.

“Rewiring” is the appropriate metaphor here. What is your church “wired” for now? What is it wired to do? How do you rewire your church for greater kingdom impact? This is what the 5 Missional Shifts is about – what needs to happen in order to move your church more fully into God’s redemptive mission in the world.

Want your church to have greater kingdom impact in the world? Here’s where you need to start.

Week 1. Introduction: What Does "Missional" Mean?
Week 2. From Church Growth to Kingdom Impact
Week 3. From Education to Formation & From Creating Members to Developing Sent Ones
Week 4: From Centralized Mission to Decentralized Mission
Week 5: From Relevant to Prophetic (& Next Steps)

90 minute class/week
PRICE: $150. regular $200.

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