Missional Leadership

Mission Leader Cohort (MLC)

Often the Church has not viewed creating people to live as missionaries as its primary task. Nor has the Church been structured to help people discover and live out their God-given calling. Now is the time for a new kind of discipleship, one that is rooted in a deep experience of Christ’s love and in the redemptive work of Christ in places of pain around the world.

ReWire’s Missional Leader Cohorts (MLC) provide support and training to help pastors and missional leaders mobilize their congregations. In ReWire, we recognize the difficulty of creating such an environment. However, we have hope that it's possible for churches to become gatherings of missionaries because we've seen it happen and we have taken the time to understand what works.

1. Missional Church, Praying Scriptures, Beginning Conversations, APEST
2. Discipleship, Pedagogy, Examen
3. Solidarity with the poor, Kingdom, Belovedness
4. VIM, Exegeting Community, Spiritual Exercises
5. Evaluation, Prayer, Sending

12 Books

Cost $4500.

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