Beyond Process

Cultural Captivity

The Apostle Paul warns us to be in the world but not to be of (the structures) of the world. Culture is luring us to its lie that inner satisfaction and “the good life” will come through success, money, security, popularity, comfort, status, materialism, pleasure, and power. Culture influences us more than we realize. Keeping up with the Joneses, reality TV, pace of life, cars, smart phones, music consumerism; and the list goes on. Often if we stop to think, we realize that culture has come to control our lives more than we ever remember giving it permission to do. Explore how to move toward freedom from the cultural addictions we all face.

Week 1. Introduction – The Two Kingdoms
Week 2. Depth Of Captivity
Week 3. The Costly Entrapment
Week 4. Our Drug of Choice
Week 5. Commitment
Week 6. Rigorous Moral Inventory
Week 7. Repentance/Amends
Week 8. Beloved
Week 9. Service/Solidarity
Week 10. Community of “Resistance and Recovery”

>The Call to Conversion, by Jim Wallis
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